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Automatic wireless lone worker and emergency calling protection for catering personnel.



It is often the case that catering personnel will find themselves alone in the catering areas for prolonged periods i.e. during meal preparation, cooking, cleaning or undertaking general duties.

SOLO protects the ship's staff - whilst in the catering areas - by detecting their movements using PIR motion sensors. Should he/she remain motionless, through incapacity or otherwise, beyond the set time period a pre-alarm is activated. Failure to respond to this warning will result in the main alarms being activated. If still unacknowledged the ship's alarm will be triggered leading, eventually, to the engineer's call system alerting off duty engineers to a possible problem in the catering areas.

When outside the catering areas personnel have access to portable wireless reset / call key fob transmitters and / or fixed manual reset buttons situated around the catering areas.

These manual reset buttons and / or wireless reset / call transmitters are also programmed to be used as emergency "Call for Assistance".

Incapacitated Personnel Location
It's one thing knowing there’s a man down, it’s another finding them quickly. The sooner the injured person receives attention the better, to this end a portable 140db personnel location alarm can be provided.

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