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Elevator/lift car correct position detection with presence indication and alarm display adjacent to the call button.



Fatal accidents have occurred where people have stepped into empty lift shafts expecting the car to be in position. Ship’s lifts/elevators can be relatively un-sophisticated - such that a simple lever switch malfunction may allow the outer door to open when the car is not in place. Should this happen as a person (who may be distracted) approaches, a dangerous situation may occur.

Elev8tor has been designed to help draw the user’s attention to the lift’s position status. A PIR motion sensor detects the user’s approach and briefly (3 secs) sounds an alarm to alert the user. The warning unit will show a flashing red light to indicate the lift is not present.

Only when the lift is in its usual position will the green light be lit, indicating it is safe to proceed. Having this warning indicator will hopefully keep the user’s attention focused and prevent them stepping into an empty lift shaft.

Upper & lower photo-electric position sensors are located within the lift shaft and positioned to detect the lift’s normal position.

The Main Control Unit (MCU) is also installed in the lift shaft.

The Indicator & Warning Panel would be installed adjacent to the lift’s call button – at eye level.

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