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Portable rapid deployment CCTV



kwikCAM : Portable Rapid Deployment CCTV

Help protect against . . .
- Unauthorised personnel gaining access
- Unwanted 'guests'
- Thieves boarding
- Assists boarding officers monitor all visitors
- Supplements ISPS code requirements
- Video evidence for post event analysis

Rapid Deployment . . .

Ship's side monitoring during manouvering, can be wirelessly linked to smart devices.
Ideal to improve gangway security when in port.
Cargo operation monitoring.
Anti-piracy measures.

As the cameras are battery operated and wirelessly connected they can be deployed in minutes with no trailing wires wherever CCTV surveillance is required.

The cameras have a long battery life - typically 2 weeks with moderate use or 2 years on standby,
recharging via USB cable.

Video is stored on a 1TB 8 channel digital video recorder (DVR), recording for 30 secs the cameras detected movement (built-in PIR).

All the equipment is housed in a rugged ABS 19" rack mount flight case, for portability and storage.
Can be connected to - Mains AC, 24V DC or 12V DC

Video can be viewed using the built-in portable 15" HD monitor or can be wirelessly connected to a smart device

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