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C-VIGIL Ltd : marine (CVM) - Marine Safety and Security Systems

In partnership with KVASIR Group Ltd - Marine Installation Specialists


Machinery spaces patrol alarm & lone worker system with portable wireless (keyfob Tx) SINGLE BUTTON resetting and emergency calling...

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Turbine tower and nacelle area protection for service and maintenance engineers; with wireless emergency calling to support vessel...

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Portable rapid deployment CCTV for video surveiilance where and when you need it. Battery operated wireless cameras gives flexibility and ease of deployment ...

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Marine grade CCTV systems and specialist night vision - burst illumination laser, active range gated cameras for long range surveillance in total darkness...

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High sound power level (SPL) acoustic area denial system deters unwanted "guests" gaining access to un-manned production platforms...

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Elevator/lift car position indication and personnel warning panel, to help prevent "no car present" empty shaft accidents and fatalities...

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Non-contact IR spot beam temperature monitoring of critical machinery. Adjustable high/low alarm limits...

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Marine Industry

Safety and security systems designed to help protect ship's staff who often find themselves working in isolated and vulnerable conditions.
CCTV and camera systems for surveillance against unwanted guests - stowaways, thieves, pirates...etc - trying to board by unauthorised means.

Offshore Oil Industry

Defend against disruptive intruders gaining access to un-manned production platforms by the boat landing area. Reduce lost production because of stolen or damaged equipment.
Detect unauthorised approaches - fishermen, scavengers...etc - using long range wide angle PIRs which then activate long range acoustic devices(LRADs).

Offshore Wind Farms Industry

Supplement existing safety measures to help protect service and maintenance personnel as they attend offshore wind turbine towers. Wireless keyfob transmitters allow emergency calling
from any position in the tower or nacelle + lone worker protection if required. Automatic coded emergency radio transmissions to the support vessel in emergencies.

Health & Safety

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